Jan 23, 2008

Congolese casualties add up to the population of Denmark

Surveys conducted by a major humanitarian agency show that the death toll in war torn Congo far outweighs that of Darfur, Rwanda, Kosovo and Bosnia. Although the war in Congo, also known as Africa’s World War, officially ended 5 years ago, new reports conclude that: “The Congo conflict and its aftermath, in terms of fatalities, surpass any other nation since World War II”. 
"Congo's loss is equivalent to the entire population of Denmark or the state of Colorado perishing within a decade,"
George Rupp, President of the International Rescue Committee, said in a statement. Most of the casualties, caused by preventable and treatable diseases, are claiming up to 45,000 lives each month, which estimates that around 1,500 people are dying every day. Hopefully the talks of a peace deal between the government and rebels will finally end the devastating crisis. 

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