Jan 23, 2008

The situation in Gaza

Palestinian women broke through the Egyptian-Palestinian border yesterday, and overnight the border crossing was blown up. The situation in Gaza is dire, and the suffering is so great that the people aren't really afraid of gunfire or the Egyptian security, they just want to eat and feed their children. Many of those who've crossed to the Egyptian Rafah came back after they bought the food supplies they needed. Aljazeera was one of the first channels to cover it, perhaps the first, and certainly had the best coverage and footage. Luckily, these reports are available online, on Aljazeera's Youtube channel.

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Isseh said...

Hello Hanna,

To be quiet frank, I have never been so pleased for such a long time to see a great throng of humanity, unduly and collectively punished, simply making a dash for that which was denied to them for no apparent reason. Sacre Bleu! Freedom at last, I cried! Watching the news coverage was an emotional affair for me.

God, I even started questioningly wondering why Hamas haven't thought of this brilliant plan before, or why Egypt (and other Arab countries in the region) have allowed fellow Muslims to be besieged by Israel for such a long time? Was their excuse based on the terms of peace agreements they've signed with Israel? I simply can't buy into such excuses.

Now, I just hope Egypt doesn't falter under Israeli and American pressure, and reinstate the siege back on their fellow Muslims.

PS: Isn't it such a good feeling when a Muslim country stretches its arms to let in their fellow Muslims in a good heart? This good will gesture is now making me warm up the idea of Mubarakite (albeit belated) re-emergence of the now dead Nasserite Pan-Arabism in the ME. Or am I being too optimistic? I hope I am not.