Jun 10, 2008

'Lucky' Albinos hunted in Tanzania

Here's a story that you don't hear too often about Africa; the fact that 1 in approximately 3,000 in Tanzania is Albino (with a population of over 36 million). According to reports, at least 19 known Albinos have been brutally murdered and mutilated in the Tanzania region, where Albino body parts are seen as having 'magical' powers. Albino skin, bones and hair are especially sold by witch doctors as ingredients in potions that promise to make people rich. Rising food prices in the region is seen as one of the reasons as to why some people are taking desperate measures to become rich. Al-Shaymaa Kwegyir, Tanzania's new albino member of Parliament states: "People think we're lucky. That's why they're killing us. But we're not lucky."

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