Jun 24, 2008

Facebook can help literacy?

"The phenomenal speed at which the internet is developing and the rapid take up of new web services by young people can be challenging. However, it's vital that all of us really take the time to understand the way students are using the latest technology, the various features of these new services and appreciate how these new tools can aid good social interaction and learning. Using sites, like Facebook and Bebo, to communicate, collaborate and create means learners use and can develop a wide range of literacy skills", according to a report by Childnet - an organisation promoting internet safety.

Facebook used in the classroom? I wouldn't hold my breath. 
Also, does anyone actually use Bebo?


Snake Charmer said...

i've never actually heard of bebo..weird.

Hanna said...

Nor have I actually, I suspect it might be aimed at pre-teens by the look and 'vibe' of the site.