May 22, 2008

Why Israel is talking to Syria now?

Syria and Israel revealed they're holding peace talks through Turkey. It isn't the first time the two parties talked, in fact most of the major points have been agreed in earlier talks and the issue isn't as complicated as Palestine for example. The big question is why is Israel is talking to Syria now when it had stopped negotiations before and at a time when the US administration is still talking about isolating Syria?

My guess is that this might be related to Israel wanting to 'confront Iran'. Israel has been talking about the need to 'stop Iran' from developing nuclear technology by force. The US is unlikely to go into any adventures so close to the time of the election. But in Israel there is almost no opposition to an attack on Iran, and if Iran retaliates US will have to 'defend Israel' and that's politically less risky for American politicians. So it make sense for Israel to take Syria out of the equation by agreeing on a deal that will drive the Syrian and Iranian interests apart.

It's an interesting theory but it all depends on whether Israel is serious about reaching an agreement, and it doesn't seem like it. Israeli foreign minister demanded that Syria should stop "supporting terror - Hezbollah, Hamas" and distance itself completely" from "problematic ties" with Iran.

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cold_spring said...

In my mind, any attempt to take out the Irani nuclear assets will be futile as long as hezbollah is strong and able to open another front for the israelis, so any attempt to take-out Iran will call for the neutralization of the Hizbollah group. That is where syria comes in. it can deny Hizbollah the ability to regroup and re-arm in a likely Israeli offense. Something tells me that the recent Hizbollah call to arms in Beirut was a reaction to a possible Israeli attempt to use proxies such as Sunni and Christian to start a 48-hour land offense while the IDAF would bombard Hizbollah positions in Beirut and Southern Lebanon.

Franklin Lamb of the Global Research has written about exactly about this.