Mar 8, 2008

DNA2008: People - Michael Rosenblum

I got a chance to speak to Michael Rosenblum about an hour ago, you can imagine my surprise when he greeted me in Arabic and recited the first chapter of the Quran: he studied Islamic history. He likes to keep things original so he would have been a Salafi, he said, if he'd been a Muslim, what a fascinating man.

For those who don't know Michael Rosenblum, he's the man who's wants to transform broadcast journalism, he says there should be no more TV crews: it should be a one man show, a journalist with a video camera telling a story. He worked with the BBC for five years to train hundreds of their journalists to become effective video journalists. He's extremely radical in his view. If Rosenblum was the president of a country called broadcast journalism, it would be a one party state with everyone in the country working for the party as Video Journalist producing content; people might do some part-time work like HR or management but their main job would be videojournalism.

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raz said...

So interesting! I took a VJ workshop with Rosenblum this past weekend, and as soon as he found out I was Arab he greeted me with verses from the Quran! I was so shocked as well!

I can't believe he studied Quranic Arabic, he knows how to read and write, and most importantly recite too! Such an interesting character and such a great trainer too. I learnt so much from him in just for days.