Mar 8, 2008

DNA2008: Aljazeera's Tony Birtley wins breaking news VJ award

Aljazeera's Tony Birtley won the Concentra Award for breaking news for his footage and reporting from Myanmar. Accepting the award, he pointed out that as a correspondent he usually works with a crew but in this case solo video journalism was the most appropriate. He secretly entered Myanmar and was the only correspondent from an internal news organization; Aljazeera kept his identity secret while he was inside the country so the Myanmar authorities wouldn't find out.
I caught up with him later to congratulate him. The whole social media thing was new to him, he told me later. What a great guy!

The winner of the Concentra Outstanding Video Journalism award went to Idar Edvin Krogstad's "The Nightwatch", the moving story of two nurses dealing with life and death in a nursing home, well deserved.

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