Nov 15, 2007

Links for 15-11-2007

PressThink: These Beat Reporters Will Try the Social Network Way
Jay Rosen launches Beat Blogging, a new Journalism/social media experiment. A collaboration with the backing of 13 MSM.
Maybe a beat reporter could do a way better job if there was a “live” social network connected to the beat, made up of people who know the territory the beat covers, and want the reporting on that beat to be better.
Cybersoc: the privacy irony: more or less about social networks
Hamman looks at the problem of privacy vs social networking, and how people don't realize the info they're giving out.
To get the most from a social networking service you need to disclose personal information and the more you disclose, the more you are likely to benefit. If you and those in your network disclose more, you'll probably find it easy to remember social events and birthdays, easier to land a job through your friends and their contacts, easier to find a last minute date without asking someone who is busy, etc. But the irony is, although disclosure of information leads to greater gains, it also increases the danger that someone you don't know will find and use that information in dangerous ways.
FP Blog: 6.2 percent of your income is going to Iraq and Afghanistan
Based on Congressional report, interesting.

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