Nov 14, 2007

Fighting free media in Somalia

The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) has shut down several stations in Mogadishu. The government, Ethiopian troops and the insurgents have been threatening and harassing media organizations and journalists. Several journalists were killed this year alone in Mogadishu and the government have closed many TV and radio stations as well international media organisations like Aljazeera. Few months ago, TFG troops opened fire on Sheabelle radio station offices while journalist were working inside.

Ethiopians have threatened journalists in the pastas well, reminding them that there's no accountability and they could whatever they liked with them (i spoke to a journalists who received a similar warning).

Now a terrorist group called Al-Shabab, affiliated with the Islamic Courts but take their orders from elsewhere, have threatened to kill a Somalia journalist, the owner of Al-Shabab could have been behind the killing of other journalists this year but it's the first time they publicly threatened a journalist.

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