Nov 17, 2007

Somalia: Links for 17-11-07

AJ English - YouTube: 'Humanitarian crisis' in Somalia as fighting rocks capital
A brief interview with Jenday Frazer, Condi's assistant for African affairs, about the Ethiopian atrocities in Mogadishu (two weeks ago). She tries to defend what the Ethiopian troops are doing but more importantly, the interview shows - and I might be wrong - that US doesn't give a rat's ass about building a government in Somalia. In an earlier interview she said that US is waiting for 2009, when the TFG's mandate ends, to have an election in Somalia, the same as Afghanistan and Iraq, and we can see the results.

Reuters: Mogadishu mayor defends Somali media crackdown
Mogadishu mayor and former warlord Mohamed Dheere defends the TFG's closure of the three radio stations.

BBC: Africa | Somali rebels attack peacekeepers
Al-Shabab, a terrorist group allied with UIC in Mogadishu, threatened to attack African peacekeeping troops a week ago, and now they've done it. The same group threatened to kill some journalists.

Economist: Somalia | Cast adrift
Worse, perhaps, is a sense that Somalia is now being deserted by foreign countries. The harvest in central Somalia seems to have failed; some think it the worst in 13 years. Over 1m Somalis are now thought to be dependent on humanitarian assistance, but only a fraction of the needy are being reached.
Dubai World subsidiary buys Djibouti's Daallo Airlines UAE
Dallo airlines is one of the few ways to get to Somalia, and it does a pretty good job (and profitable). Like most Somali business it's based in Dubai, UAE.

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