Aug 28, 2007

Links for 26-08-2007

  • Stadium designer blasts China Olympics (Youtube)
    The man behind the design of 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium - which will host the opening and closing ceremonies - says he will boycott the games because of the insincerity of the government; the city is being beautified only for the Olympics, not for the Chinese people.
  • Economist: Somalia is still a failed state
    The article makes the obvious point that there's a good chance for Somalia to stay stateless, despite the TFG's futile efforts. A great article except for the map which is grossly in accurate.
  • BBC: 'Blasphemous' balls anger Afghans
    When will they learn? Coalition forces distributed balls with the name of Allah - Saudi Flag - on it, before they know there were demonstrations on the streets of Kabul. Before they do something like that why didn't they at least ask someone, anyone. Dimwits.
  • Mugabe's ally speaks out (Youtube)
    Former Zambian president, Kaunda says Mugabe must be given a chance. He counts on Mugabe's genuine wish to bring his country back up, Kaunda also blames the West for Zimbabwe's current economic problems. Mugabe should be blamed for making his country so weak and dependent on foreign aid, so when the West cuts off the supplies the country is marching for collapse.

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bishop said...

China: IS definitely putting on airs.. but while one wants to totally agree with the designer - EVERY COUNTRY THAT HOSTS AN OLYMPICS puts on airs. Did we fix up Salt Lake or Los Angeles for OUR PEOPLE? or because we had the Olympics? would we have done so if we didn't have them?

Somalia: yall are right... what can one say?

footballs: the sentiment, i think, is good. what kid wouldn't want a football? but to put the name of God on it... is just so dumb!!! espcially to Muslims!!!

Mugabe: paying the price for his "reforms". sorry, HIS PEOPLE paying the price for his reforms...