Aug 27, 2007

A stupid interivew you would agree

I would agree with angry Arab, this is the stupidest interview i've seen in a while (with Dalia Sofer). Asked about Ahmadinejad:
Didn’t President Ahmadinejad begin his career as one of the guards? In photographs, I always think he looks more like a homely professor than a tyrant. Yes. He’s so dangerous, but he looks like a little mouse.
That's low, and how about this; when asked "what was it like growing up in a Muslim country (Iran)?"
Every morning before classes the entire school would line up in the schoolyard and sing revolutionary songs. Afterward we would chant: “Marg bar America! Marg bar Israel! — Death to America! Death to Israel!” Did school officials know you were Jewish? Yes, but they view Judaism and Zionism as different entities. They may have some tolerance for the religion, but Israel is Zionism, and that’s the evil. As they say, the big Satan is America, and the little Satan is Israel.
I'm sure growing up in a Muslim country as a Jew - lets say Iran - wouldn't be worse than growing up a Muslim in Jewish country like ISREAL.


H.A. said...

This would make a funny joke if it actually wasn't so 'serious'. It all sounds like a terribly cheesy bedtime story where the big satan and the little satan differ in size and multiply. Then again, it's the kind of question I would expect an expat to ask, no?

Abdurahman said...

It's interesting to see people not seeing the iron in what they say