Jul 29, 2007

US plans to sell sophisticated weapons to Arab states

This is a big development, US is planning to sell billions of dollars worth of sophisticated weapons to Arab countries to defend themselves against Iran, or so the argument goes. To assure Israel, US will give a $30 billion military aid for the next 10 years and 13 billion for Egypt.

This isn't about sending signals to Iran, it seems US administration has decided to attack Iran. If Iran is attacked they're likely to retaliate against US bases in Saudi, Qatar and elsewhere in the region. So arming these countries with sophisticated weaponry such as satellite guided missiles makes sense.

Condi and Gates will fly to Saudi next week to pressure Saudi to support the Iraqi government but also discussing other issues in the region; suppressing Hamas and the upcoming Lebanese presidential battle. Iraq war might have been only the begining.


Ned Hughes said...

Wow, for real? Well, it wouldn't be the first time we did that. I wonder if it will bite us in the butt again.

Abdurahman said...

So far every such a move back fired. Many countries including Russia, NK and China have been selling arms to the Arab so one of the main motives is basically economical.

It seems the whole Middle East is on a slippery slope.