Jul 29, 2007

Hussein Aideed subtitled

Aljazeera interviewed Hussein Aideed, yet again, for what? I don't know. He was thrown out of Mogadishu by other warlords before the Islamic Courts came and defeated the rest of the warlord. He came back to Mogadishu on an Ethiopian tank and he now says he's against Ethiopia.

In the interview he says that he's the chairman of a party which has PM Gedi and President Abdullah Yusuf as members, I've no clue of what he's talk about - I doubt anyone does. You also notice that his English is quite poor, Aljazeera has to add subtitles. Aideed spent over a decade in US. I won't say anything of his facial expressions.

There are many decent and articulate individuals who also oppose the Ethiopian presence in Somalia, but Aideed can only hurt the cause.


AbdiNassir said...

Let me correct you my friend, Hussein Aideed was not inteviewed by Al-jazeera; he was interviewed by news agency based in London called Frontline at http://www.frontlineclub.com. I myself download the video you are using to youtube.com under the username of INARAG. Please try to do some research before you post something with wrong information!

Abdurahman said...

thanks for the comment bro but this interview was by Aljazeera English. It was for a program called "People & Power", and if you look at the owner you'll see that it's Aljazeera English channel. Here's the Youtube link:

BTW: I work for Aljazeera