May 13, 2007

Somalia, Key ministers sacked!

It isn't a surprise that Barre Hirale, defense minister and Hussein Aideed, deputy PM were sucked. Barre Hirale is a warlord who fought alongside the government and Ethiopian troops against the Islamic Courts. He leads Marehan militia which controlled Kismayo for years (jointly with Habar Gidir militias), that's until the Islamic Courts decided to take the city. He was appointed defense minister but recently his militia took control of Kismayo again, from "government troops" (actually Puntland forces) killing 17 soldiers. Though Barre Hirale was in Baidao when his militia attacked Kismayo, he must have approved it because it's unimaginable that his militia would make such a move without his approval. Hussein Aideed is a former warlord, he was interior minister and deputy PM but he was later sidelined. Since then he was disgruntled and made his quarrel with the government public by visiting Eritrea and attending opposition meetings abroad. The man who once suggested Ethiopia and Somalia to be united is now opposing Ethiopian intervention and regularly visiting Eritrea. The two ministers weren't contrubing much anyway, like the rest of the minister they lacked the experience or reputation within Somalia but the sacking were done for the wrong reasons. Surely they aren't the only useless ministers but they are the only once opposing the goverment publicly.

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