Oct 4, 2010

Sudan: the drums of war

The campaign for maximum gain from the referendum in South Sudan has began and a lot is being said. President Omar Al-bashir warned two days ago of the prospect of south-north war following the referendum. Yesterday, "South Sudan" president Salva Kiir said he wants independence. This is of course is not news: he has always been pro-Independence but this is a break with SPLM position that paid lip-service to unity. 

There is much talk about return to war from Sudanese politicians. I think they do this to mask the serious problems within the South and the North. Tribal conflict had killed nearly 2500 people in South Sudan last year and the South Sudanese government has failed to disarm the tribes. The north hasn't resolved Darfur and has other conflicts brewing. So I guess talking up war diverts unwanted attention and bring more donor money.

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