Dec 3, 2008

Woo Hah - Busta Rhymes and Arab Culture

American rapper Busta Rhymes has certainly come a long way since his days of rapping about loose women and easy money. He recently spoke out about how America should embody some of the characteristics of Arab culture:

"The one thing that the Arab culture has always exemplified for thousands of years is the significant value of spirituality; all the way down to the spirituality of financial and economic stability. At the end of the day, they grow, groom and condition their children to understand those values. They implement it successfully in their household. It seems really unfair to me, because as a man of Islam myself, I definitely want to make sure that I’m doing my part in being able to re-establish the integrity and the beauty as far as the Arab culture is concerned. It’s contradictory of us to have this impression of a culture that’s not only done so much for this culture, well this country rather. You know the United States don’t really have no culture. We take a little bit from everyone…"

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