Apr 12, 2008

Video killed Flickr?

Being a Flickr addict, I must admit I loved Flickr without the video. It isn't only me though, it turns out that there's a backlash within the Flickr community against the introduction of video. Hardcore photographers and lovers of photography are extremely upset about the move. Several groups were created to say "No to Video", one of those groups has upward of 26,000 members. Some people in the Flickr community are calling for drastic action, to quite Flickr altoghether. Whether people in Flickr (Yahoo!) are taking notice is another matter.

More photos and groups
Group: We Say No to videos on Flickr
Photo: Flickr video smells


Morad said...

Honestly, I really don't get why the community is so upset about this new feature.

If the video feature sucks so bad, then how about not to use it and just ignore the fact it exists as a feature?

Hanna said...

Flickr used to be somewhat of a safe haven since every major website seems to have a video feature - I'm sure Flickr has launched a lot of professional photography careers and the 90 second video feature seems to cheapen the image of the website for me.

Abdurahman said...


Flickr as a community is one of the best sites, people quickly discover your photos and you quickly get to make contacts. Now this community is all about photography so when you introduce video you seem to be taking it into a different direction that what the community of users wanted.

Abdurahman said...


I agree, I liked Flickr as photography lovers community. Bring video into Flickr is also ominous, you never know what else would they add: blogging, social networking ... and may be become another MySpace

Shaymaa said...

Flickr for Photos,
Youtube for Videos.

It should stay that way!