Mar 26, 2008

More Muslims than Christians in Britain?

It's not enough to be fearful of global warning these days when we have media outlets like The Telegraph warning (who exactly?) about the increase of Islam in Britain to the point where they're estimating that in TWELVE YEARS TIME the number of Roman Catholics going to church will fall to 679,000 (failing to state how high the numbers are now) whilst the number of Muslims praying in Mosques on Fridays will have increased to 683,000 (again, as opposed to how many now?).

"The projections show that, if the Churches do not reverse their historical decline, there will be more active Muslims than Christians in Sunday services across Britain before the middle of the century"

This is yet another 'warning' from The Telegraph after the article by the (Asian) Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali who ironically criticised the growing multinationalism in Britain, covered previously here. Interestingly, the article only discusses the decline of (practising) Roman Catholics. This is the perfect article to throw into the on-going argument of the place of Islam in Britain as it suggestively ends with: "The continuing growth of the Muslim population since the 2001 census would have significant implications for society"

Oh? Was that the end of the sentence? Shouldn't the concern be more about why so few Catholics are going to Church and what to do about that? Or even perhaps what that implies for society?

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