Feb 28, 2008

Aljazeera wants your views

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Anonymous said...

The criminal acts carried out by Israil in Gaza are far more to do with expasion than sorting out Hamas.We must remember that until recently,the Jews were a religion and not a nation or a nationality.A lot of land was taken from the Paistinians to create Israil.Many people were forced from their homes.At that time Israil was using Hamas style fighting methods against the English and UN.The Jews are still controlling the politics in many countries,including the US where it seems that without financial support from the Jewish community,it is impossible to be elected.This explains why when public opinion is split 50 / 50 in suport of the palisitinions and Israil,99% of the politicians support Israil.It has also become very clear that this influence goes far wider.There are many countries that have US funded and supported governments which are far from democratic or representative of their people.Many arab countries have leaders that will not represent their people and stand up to the Israelien aggression. Unfortunatly,the Jewish community puts a very differant value on the lives and well being of non Jews compared with how they look after each other.
There are already existing UN resolutions which Hamas could agree to. Every time there is a chance of peace Israél sabotages any hope of advance by entering with outragious militry force the occupied terriotries or killing Palistinian leaders.For years Israel has stalled all advances towards peace and continued to take more and more land.
What is the prospect for a fair and lasting peace?It can never happen with the current world order.Israil will continue to expand and Palestiniens will continue to fight for their survival.The world will look on.Only if the demonstrations from within countries becomes more worrying then the loss of US financial support then perhaps a change of attitude will be forced on the leaderes.This is not going to happen quickly so many more people are going to suffer and die.
The US and Israèl are always going to have problems with Islam which is a caring religion that rejects the ruthless capitalist systems of these countries.It could be said that christian teachings are also humain and caring.They are but:--??