Jan 17, 2008

Bush's Middle East tour

The most powerful in the world, the American president, is touring the Middle East, and the international media is reporting, analysing and repeating every aspect of his trip.

To cynics like myself, Bush might appear somewhat "contradictory": he discusses peace with the Palestinians and Israelis but threatens Iran, he's preaches democracy but is praises Arab autocratic regimes (and calls them moderates), he talks about freedom but calls the occupation of Iraq "liberation", he says the US deeply cares for Lebanon but he supported Israel when they mercelessly bombed Lebanon, he offers aid to some countries but starves the Palestinians in Gaza, he denies Iran the right to have nuclear technology but encourages the Arabs to have it, and he says he wants peace in the Middle East but sells weapons to the Arabs (moderates, I mean). Paradoxical?

Clearly Bush had a good time, based on what we see on TV. In the Gulf ,he was shown handling falcons, dancing with sword, and threatening Iran (must be his favorite pastime). Iran, however, wouldn't be too worried. In a recent interview with Aljazeera, former Iranian defense minister Ali Shamkhani smiled mockingly when he was asked about US threats to attack Iran, he simply replied with an Iraqi proverb, "He who is drowns in the river (can't swim), would he venture into the sea". President Bush is in his last few months as a president, he knows Iran can make or brake his 'surge' strategy in Iraq, that won't be good for the republicans running for presidency. Besides, the CIA's recent report on Iran didn't do him much favor, and Russia and China won't accept an attack on Iran, they've interests there. There's nothing he can do to Iran except to use 'strong words'.

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The Rendezvous said...

I was asking, why didn't someone never raised an Alarm when Bush was visiting the Middle East as Israelis were massacring Gazan palestinians?