Nov 21, 2007

Dubai closes two pakistani TV stations

One of the ugly fallouts of the state of emergency in Pakistan was the media crackdown by Musharraf's regime. But the worst episode of this was when two TV stations which were closed down in Pakistan swtiched their broadcasting to their offices in Dubai media city, a supposedly free space for the media, but then president Musharraf told Dubai authorities to close the two stations, and they were closed. Yes, believe it or not, the government of Dubai closed the two stations because of the emergency rule in Pakistan. This is a dangerous precedence but we shouldn't be surprised that the freedom provided in Dubai's media city was as superficial as the rest of the Dubai.

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Nazia said...

GEO has been on top to let people around the world know as to what has been happening not only in Pakistan but also around the world. It seems people like Musharraf have been too scared to let this sword of freedom out in order to hide his own secret acts and wrong doings!

A LOVELY act by GEO to get out of Dubai where it has clearly shown that you can invest with all your monies but still with a military Regime….WHat sort of investment or business opportunity does Dubai give?? where companies like media are restricted! where do the human rights stand in Dubai??

A wise decision to move out of Dubai by GEO, GEO !
Good Luck GEO!