Sep 30, 2007

Getting content out of Burma

It's difficult getting content out from Burma, most people in the country don't have access to internet, and even then, the government strictly censors everything (including hotmail, gmail, ... etc).

Burmese activists have been getting out photos, video and eyewitness accounts using mobile phones, blogs, and the good old mailing lists. Also, news organizations like Aljazeera, BBC and Guardian have been using eyewitness accounts and blogs to find content. Here's some of the best sources I came across, it would be useful to use them altogether:

Here is a list of useful Burmese blogs (not all in English):
From MSM:
In cases like Burma, when the government heavily censors local media and doesn't allow in journalist from outside, newsrooms increasingly rely on the internet - that's good.

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Free Burma! said...

Free Burma!
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