Sep 25, 2007

American media and Ahmadinejad

Iranian president, Ahmedinejad's visit to NY had attracted much publicity but it has also shown the worst in America's media; editorials in washingtonpost, NY times, New Yorker, Fox ... etc. all have tried to outshine one another in disrespecting and insulting the Iranian president Of course, this was expected. The Jewish lobby mobilized all its efforts to undermine Ahmedinjad, as much as they could, so nobody can hear what he has to say; they knew he would shatter the image painted by the media.

A washingtonpost editorial describes Ahmadinejad as:
Holocaust-denier, authoritarian leader and sponsor of terrorism
That's low. Ahmadinejad is the elected president of Iran, a painful fact to admit for some. And of course he isn't authoritarian; Iran is run a complex system based on consensus. And Iran doesn't sponsor terrorism anymore than US does.

But the editorial continues to try - in vain - to belittle the man:
Thus the speech at Columbia: Here he is, the allegedly undemocratic Ahmadinejad, taking questions from students! At an American university! Look who's the real democrat now!
You showed him, didn't you!

The columnist is Anne Applebaum, who earlier this ye wrote a column praising Ayan Hirsi, and calling her a role model for the Muslim youth. What else did you expect.

What is disheartening is that people Applebaum were genuinely afraid of what Ahmadinejad had to say, and after he leaves NY, they'll continue talking about free speech.


Rita said...

living near new york city, i definitely feel all the attention the media has put on Ahmadinejad these days. see him everyday on tv whenever i switch to the news channel. wonder how people in the mideast see this over-enthusiastsic and kinda eagerly divouring/consuming frenzy of the american media and public? i personally think despite some of his rather shocking remarks (about homosexuals and jews mainly), at least this is a guy with guts to say what he belives out loud and be challenged, unlike Bush.

Abdurahman said...


Check this post, you'll find it interesting

rita said...

exactly. a good post. thanx for sharing. that's what i meant. Bush just never has the guts!