Sep 24, 2007

60 minutes interviews Ahmedinejad

Mike Wallace, from CBS 60 minutes, interviewed Iran president Ahmedinejad in Tehran. Wallace says that Ahmedinejad is an impressive fellow. Of coursehe is, compared to the pitiful and ignorant lot who're running for president - not to mention the chief himself. We in the Middle East know that Ahmedinejad doesn't exactly run the Iran, but he is obviously a smart enough to be a president and before that a professor.

Wallace also plays defender of US administration:
"Well, the Americans are overly sensitive. And, of course, the American government. I don't know why they're opposed to Iranian progress," the president said.

Asked if he really believed that the United States is against Iranian progress and development, Ahmadinejad said, "That is true. That is what I am saying."

"You know that's not so," Wallace replied
But Wallace would've be in a difficult position back home if he didn't say such a thing or throw some disrespectful words. you can read the whole interview here.

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