Aug 12, 2007

Two Top Somali Journalists Killed

Two prominent Somali journalist have been killed in Mogadishu within hours of each other. Ali Iman Sharmarke was one of the owners of HornAfrik, he died instantly after his car exploded after running over a remotely-controlled landmine. He was coming back from the funeral of a fellow journalist Mahad Ahmad Elmi, of Capital Voice, who was shot in the morning. The two men were daring journalists who were not afraid to offend the warlords and now the insurgents and the TFG. The TFG closed HornAfrik several times and they've also received threats from other armed groups.

What Horn Afrik has done was amazing, when they started Mogadishu was controlled by warlords, they had to employ militias or armed guards to protect their reporters and photographers. Their radio shows was also very popular allowing residents to complain about the warlords and militias in the city. Hopefully what Ali Sharmaarke had started will continue.CBC Canada has a long report on the Horn Afrik, few years back.

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