Aug 21, 2007

Links for 19-08-2007

BBC: Iraq bomb death toll reaches 344
The worst bombing in Iraq since the American invasion four years ago targeted the Yazidi minority. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse.

Aljazeera: Migrant workers dreams turn to nightmares in the Gulf (Youtube)
Aljazeera reports on the unbearable conditions of the mainly South Asian migrant workers in the Gulf, where there are hundreds of thousands of them. These workers are abused by their employers, both local and international firms, as well as the agents who shipped them to the Gulf. Another issue, not addressed in this report, is the dismal safety record, hundreds of workers die each as a result of lack or complete absence of safety and lack of proper training.
This is one of the pressing human rights issue in Gulf and finally the governments are getting embarrassed by the negative publicity.

BBC: Fighting fakes in a virtual world
An exellent report on how selling fake good has moved into virtual world as well, Second Life. That's why a UK law firm has setup shop in Second Life, for intellectual property rights.

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bishop said...

on big bombing: worse? why our president keeps speaking of progress...

on migrant workers: it obviously sucks to be a migrant worker WHERE EVER you are. (although WHERE EVER they are is usually BETTER than the place they came from... or else they probably would have stayed where they were)