Aug 14, 2007

Links for 12-08-2007

  • BBC: Doubts over US Mideast strategy
    US is planning a regional meeting for the peace process but it's trying to exclude Hamas and Syria, it simply won't work. You can not have peace process without Hamas.
  • Bihari people: Pakistanis in Bangladesh (Youtube)
    The Bihari people in Begladesh are stateless, they don't have citizenship in any country. They've been in UN refugee camps in Dhaka since the Pakistani-Bangladesh partition but Bangladesh government says they're Pakistanis and the Pakistani government refuses to accept them as citizens. Now the third generation of the Bihari people continues to suffer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Abdurahman... In the bihari link you comments say Dakar, I think the place is dhaka..

When saw "Dakar"... I was wondering how did these people end in Senegal?

Abdurahman said...


Thanks for the note, there was another mistake as well. That's what happens when you post in hurry :)