Aug 13, 2007

Egyptian police torture a 12 year old boy to death

This is beyond belief. The Egyptian police has tortured a 12 year old boy to death. The police took the boy after his father was arrested, he was beaten, electrocuted and stabbed by the police. His mother was told that he was taken to Al-Sadr hospital in Mansoura, a city north of Cairo. When his mother went to the hospital to see him the doctors told her they performed a heart surgery on him so she can't see him.

On Thursday, the police dumbed the body of the boy in another part of the city, people then informed his family. The family took the body to Mansoura Univeristy hospital where the boys mother told the doctor that they had performed a heart surgery on him. After examination, the doctor informed the family that no surgery was performed on the boy, instead there's a stabbing wound in his heart.

Police torture is common in Egypt and bloggers have been doing a great job in exposing some cases. Now we know that even children aren't save.

This was also reported by Aljazeera and BBC websites.


Anonymous said...

This is beyond belief? What the hell are you talking about? NOTHING is beyond belief with Egyptian police. What's been posted online or exposed is just a tiny part of the iceberg's peak. It's literally a NIGHTMARE, I believe "based on facts" that no police on earth is more brutal, ignorant, and cold-blooded than the Egyptian police! My true sympathy to the Egyptians, I've been to Egypt before, and they definitely don't deserve that at all, ad I have MANY silly stories which I've heard of and SEEN in that trip. In brief, we foreigners have MUCH MORE rights in Egypt than Egyptians, it's HORRIBLE to be an Egyptian in Egypt, that day in Sharm el Sheikh I was in the sea with my gf, her friend, and an Egyptian friend who is a doctor originally from Cairo, when the police called for the "Egyptian Guy" to come out of water, and not to swim with "Foreigners" since no Egyptians were allowed in that place. They didn't stop until I started getting angry and telling them he was my friend, then they went away. The guy was too embarrassed to continue the rest of the day with us, and I could feel how embarrassed he was. Egyptian police believe that Egyptian citizens are "cockroaches" regardless of their innocence or social class, they're all cockroaches in the eyes of the police there. I feel VERY SORRY to say this, because these people are NOT cockroaches, but they definitely are in the eyes of their police who discriminates against their own citizens to let foreigners feel they're kings and queens, how dirty and pathetic.

Abdurahman said...

I would agree with that, I've spent most of my teenage years in Egypt so I understand what you're talking about first hand.

When the country has been under emergency law where the police could do anything they like to anyone and people are executed on suspecion, this will the result.

One day the Egyptian people will be able to get rid of this regime and will then, hopefully, has a police that meant to help them and not harass and torture them.