Jul 21, 2007

With Khalid Mashal, Hamas Leader

Interview with Khalid Mashal, in Arabic.

Aljazeera interviewed Khalid Mashal, the charismatic Hamas leader based in Syria. There was an off-record session with were he discussed the current situation in Palestine after Hamas's Gaza take over. Hamas was elected by the Palestinian people in a fair and transparent elections but Fatah, supported by Israel and US, wouldn't let Hamas govern and went even further to destabilize Gaza and the West Bank. It was inevitable for Hamas to take over Gaza as it did. Hamas is known for being capable and incorruptible.

President Bush's speech was expected to be empty and misleading, and it was. He reiterated his support for Palestinian president Abbas and tried, as hard as he could, to sell the West Bank as green, beautiful and wealthy and Gaza as insecure and poor. He completely ignored the election Hamas won. The fact remains that Fatah is the one that couldn't accept the results of the elected and resorted to all sorts of criminal tactics to bring down Hamas. They've also campainged against the release of funds to Hamas and the Palestinian public.

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