Jul 27, 2007

US spent millions on Dahlan to bring down Hamas, where did the money go?

Dahlan, the man who was paid by Israel and US to bring down Hamas, resigned from his official post as national security adviser to Abbas. Apart from his official title, he was the man Israeli, US and many Arab countries were counting on to remove the Hamas victory nightmare, but Hamas's takeover of Gaza turned these plans upside down.

Fatah seems more than ever as a bunch of privileged sellouts trying to hang on to what they've. A committee setup by Abbas concluded that many of the security services, of Fatah, should be fired because they weren't able to hold their own against Hamas forces. But they said nothing of Dahlan's criminal behavior. Hamas says they've recovered damning tapes from Dahlan's house, they say some of these show how Dahlan blackmailed even Fatah ministers. To me this puts to rest the argument that Abbas and others in the PLO didn't know what Dahlan was up to, they were part of the plan.

Another question that US lawmakers and those who invented in Dahlan should be asking themselves where did all the money go?

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