Jun 19, 2007

links for 19-06-2007

BBC: African dream of a better life
Tale of the Africans trying to escape poverty at any cost, thousands of them have been abused and died. But others have made it only to discover it isn't as good as they thought it was.

BBC: Sudanese students flock to learn Chinese Another example of Chinese influence in Africa.

BBC: Mass wildlife migration in Sudan Wonderful news for both Sudan and conservationists, millions of wild life which missing because of the conflicts in the horn were found in southern Sudan.


American Chinese said...

I am also learning Chinese language by a special and innovative service in Beijing Chinese School. I like to learn in live class with teachers from Beijing directly. I also like to practice Chinese with volunteers freely everyday. Watching Chinese learning TV on CLTV is also interesting and helpful to practice listening and learn more about Chinese culture.

William Smith said...

There are some free Chinese lessons designed by CCTV (China Central TV) on Learn Chinese. You can try.

Hello Chinese said...

I've started to learn chinese with this website : www.chinese-tools.com. I found everything i needed:
- Mandarin audio lessons
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