May 17, 2007

MEMRI mistranslates Arab videos, nasty

Thankfully Angry Arab sheds light on MEMRI's mistranslation of "Hamas Mickey". I came across the video couple of days ago and I couldn't see what the fuss was about, there was nothing wrong in the Arabic version but the translation was of course different. I wasn't surprised that MEMRI was the culprit, one of those nasty Israeli hardline websites you come across on the internet. Of course as they wanted Fath wanted the video to be taken out and the story was later picked up Aljazeera among others.

But what really upsets me that MEMRI posts these nasty videos in Foreign Policy blog as a guest blogger, an otherwise informative blog that's now clearly branding itself as anti-Arab.

Arabic Uder Fire writes Brian Whitaker, Guardian Middle East editor, in response to MEMRI's mistranslation.


Anonymous said...

This is their habit and norm and they will keep faking facts forever. Those stupid media guys who just took it for granted and they do not even bother investigating further for the truth. It is ridiculous.

Abdurahman said...

The purpose of creating MEMRI was to misinform the English-speaking public, the organization was created by a former Israeli defense force colonel (God knows how many Palestinians has he tortured and killed). Here is couple links for you:

Selective MEMRI -,7792,773258,00.html

MEMRI debate -,4273,4593445,00.html