May 17, 2007

Links for 15-5-2007

  • Is the Iranian regime cracking up?
    Another hopeful story about problems within the Iranian government, I don't the system is about to collapse as some "experts" hope.
  • Row over Scientology video
    A video of BBC man shouting at the top of his voice was posted on YouTube, Scientology toughs were intimidating him for days. Here's reporter's reply to the video.
  • Afghan Taleban commander killed
    Top commander killed, Nato and Afghan government are jubilant because he was the strongest Taliban leader to emerge since the fall of the Taliban. Will this change the fact that Taliban is only getting stronger, I doubt it. Mullah Omar appointed Dadullah's brother as his successor.
  • منع الجزيرة من تغطية مؤتمر أحمدي نجاد في الإمارات
    Aljazeera was refused entry to Ahmadinejad conference in UAE. Iranians lets say "dislike" Aljazeera, Aljazeera's insistence on the Arab Gulf instead of the Persian gulf irritates the Iranians but the worst "offense" came in a recent interview with an Iraqi Shia Ayatollah in which Ayatollah Sistani was blamed for not speaking out against the Americans.

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