Mar 31, 2007

Al Jazeera Forum

The 3rd Annual Aljazeera Forum is starting officially tomorrow. The forum is about "Media and the Middle East - Beyond the Headlines". The keynote speaker for the first day is non-other-than Seymour Hersh. The first day will have three sessions, and the second day will have only two sessions. For us bloggers the session on new media "Speaking Truth to Power" will be most interesting. Ethan and alaa will be on the panel, that's exciting and looking forward to it.

All the sessions will be available as podcasts and interviews with some of the delegates will be on YouTube. The official blog for the forum is here. I'll be blogging, not live, from the forum.


Anonymous said...

For those attending the 3rd Al Jazeera forum, it would be too much to expect detailed impressions amidst so much happening around. Why not provide a quick flavor to the fans, namely:

favourite quote?
fascinating aspect?
frustating aspect?
Fun Bit?
Flop bit?

Abdurahman said...

I think that's a great idea, I already have some of these moments in mind but I'll have a post on it as well.

Favorite quote, let me try two from Martin Bell:
"I’ve been a politician. Believe me, they are seldom the sons of gentleman."

"If you find yourself seeking the friendship of politicians, you are doing something wrong"

Fascinating aspect: in some of the heated sessions, the forum into boxing match between North and South. Some of the debates were really engaging. Another fascinating aspect was the veteran journalists like Martin Bell and Alister Sparks who had a lot to add to the discussion from their long experience.

Fun bit: meeting some fascinating people like Ethan Zuckerman, Rageh Omar and Alaa.