Feb 21, 2007

Young Somali Scientist

Abdusalam Abubakar (16), a Somali who has been in Ireland for just two years have won the BT Young Scientist of the year 2007. His security code breaker won the administration of the judges:
His complex maths project impressed the judges who described as "remarkable" his command and insight into cutting-edge mathematics.
Many of the young Somalis who migrate overseas have difficulty achieving in schools and end up doing menial jobs like taxi driving and factor work. It's great to see young and bright Somalis like Abdulsalam, good on ya mate!


Anonymous said...

It is good to see African youth from especially the difficult horn of Africa winning a science award. It is positively refreshing. Another amazing thing is the picture, it is good to see kids excited and eager for scientific award... the excitement is almost tangible.

Anonymous said...

wow thats amzing winning scientific. somali people are very bright people and hard working interms of bussiness etc