Dec 16, 2006

Male Circumcision, the solution to HIV in Africa?

It’s official people, circumcision cuts the risk of HIV infection by as much as 50% and could be crucial tool for AIDS prevention worldwide. A previous study found that circumcision could reduce the risk by up to 60%, which got leaders, like Clinton and Gates, talking about it as a possible solution. Of course it doesn’t mean that it's a substitute to other prevention methods but certainly it will be one of the most effective and law-cost prevention tools out there. Taking a shower immediately after sex also cuts the risk of STD and HIV transmission. Zuma give a serious issue a bad name when he had unprotected sex with someone he knew had HIV nonetheless it's important to educate people in Africa about it.

Zuma's court testimony causes confusion.

In Islam, males have to be circumcised at an early, sexual relationships outside of marriage are prohibited and after an intercourse, a shower is a must. How about that for STD/HIV prevention!

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