Dec 5, 2006

Back to blogging and 2007

It has been little more than a week since my last post, I wasn't away or anything, I was enjoying watching the news and the changes in the horizon for the Middle East and Africa. It seems 2007 will be a very interesting year, the United States has finally recognized the failure of its Iraqi adventure and is staring into difficult choices, while Lebanon, Palestine and Afghanistan are struggling with unity governments, and civil unrest.

In Africa, Chad, Sudan and Somalia are in or sliding to a civil war and foreign intervention. The United States seems to have made its mind up about Somalia, give it all up to Ethiopia or another civil war - who cares?

Oppression and human rights abuses against the Uighur people in Turkestan(Xingjiang, China), and those in Chechnya, Northern Uganda and other places continues with more and more silence from the rest of the world.

But look at the bright side, if the US changes its tactics enough it could be the beginning of a solution for Iraq, though the deep sectarian divide will remain, for perhaps decades to come. A new beginning for D R Congo and the blogsphere will cross the 100 million blog.

Whatever you think 2007 promises to be a very interesting year.

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