Nov 3, 2006

Somalia Update

Update: There's a great discussion on Somalia and UIC on Radio Open Source.

It has been a while since I last discussed Somalia but here is a quick. UIC advanced on Baidao and
took several smaller towns like Bur Hakabo and Diinsoor and some important roads linking Baidoa and Mogadishu. They've also consolidated their hold on Kismayo, effectively encircling the Transitional Government and becoming the strongest force south of Galkayo. The Transitional Government hasn't been silent either, they've gathered their troops along with their Ethiopian allies and seized control of Bur Hanakabo and Diinsoor only to give them up after few hours. The interesting part is that the Transitional Government/Ethiopians seem to be avoiding confrontation with UIC.

The peace conference in Sudan has been postponed mainly because of the involvement of neighboring countries. UIC is refusing Kenya to chair the meeting and demanding Ethiopian troops to leave Somalia. The militias of the Transitional Government and UIC are just 30km apart and seem to be preparing for a war.

After more than 15 years of lawlessness, UIC have strictly enforced law and order in Mogadishu, a concept that was increasingly becoming foreign to Mogadishu residents. It's amazing how UIC was able to turn-around Mogadishu from a place where life had no worth to a peaceful law abiding city.

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