Nov 6, 2006

Links for 7-11-2006

“The New Middle East” by Richard Haass
A great article in last months issue of Foreign Affairs. Haass, a man with immense influence in Washington discusses how the "New Middle East" - which the US government has been talking about - might look like. I discussed this topic in a post before the article during Condi gathering with "moderate" Arab leaders. In the article you can see that - it's assumed in US policy circles - whatever Israel does must be good and in the interest of the US (while Iran is a dangerous enemy)

Hungary-Suez Crisis: Fifty Years on - The Suez Crisis and The Hungarian Revolt
Richard Haass leads a discussion on Suez Crisis and Hungarian Revolt of 1956. It's a great and informative discussion on the reasons and impact of both events on the West, Cold War and - then - the rest of the world.

Middle East Conflict: The Nature of War in the 21st Century (Audio)
The former Israel Head of the National Security Council Giora Eiland talks about Israel's - and US - military strategies in this century and the major security threats facing the world - or Israel and US if you like. The most striking aspect is how natural it feels to those speaking that whatever Israel does is good for US and the world and that Israel's wars are also US's. I enjoyed listening to it, the discussion is very informative on many levels.

In the Line of Fire
: Stories from Aljazeera correspondants facing dangerous situations during their work in places like Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq.

BBC: Africa in Pictures: Some great pictures from Africa. My favorite the last one, the former Somali soldiers marshing, check the shoes they wearing :)

BBC: In pictures: Kenyan entrepreneur: This you Kenyan entrepreneur wants to be the Bill Gates of waste management.

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