Nov 13, 2006

Coordinated attack on the Arab people

The Arab league continued to defendits reputation as an impotent and ineffective organization - rather successfully - in its recent "response" to the US veto. Firstly, they knew, before introducing the doomed resolution, that US will veto anything condemning Israel, so what did they go ahead with it? some say to embarrass the United States, is that the best Arabs can hope? I think it was at least coordinated with the United States, so Arab regimes can appear to be doing something and keep the Arab masses silent. But that was not all, Arabs declared they will lift the embargo on the Palestinian government and will never tolerate it. Well, the Palestinians were being starved for more than 6 months, did the Arabs just find out? No, it was another coordinated and convenient setup coming just days or hours before the announcement of a Palestinian unity government, accepted by the EU, Israel and US, how convenient you say.

I see this as an assault on the intelligence of the Arab people by Arab regimes, Israel and US administration. Arab leaders abandoned the Palestinian people when they needed them most, for over six months Palestinian civil servants weren't paid and couldn't feed their families while fat Arab leaders withheld funds from them. These same Arab leaders want to take the credit no for lifting the embargo when it's the Palestinian people who had to sacrifice their democratically elected government in exchange food.

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Indigo Red said...

For the most part, I agree. However, I don't believe there is coordination between the US and the Arab countries. Of course, everyone knew the vote against Israel would fail and it was only to allow the Arab "man on the street" the feeling their leaders had actually done something, but in reality had done nothing.

Arab leaders abandoned the Palestinian people a long time ago. The Palestinians could have been taken care of decades ago, but they are more valuable as downtrodden victims than as the intelligent people they are and successful business people they were in the past.

When Kuwait was liberated from Saddam, one of the first things the Kuwaiti government did was expell the Palestinians. The current Iraqi constitution forces Palestinians out of Iraq. Both Jordan and Syria severely restrict the rights of Palestinians. Egypt isn't much better.

You are right that this is an assault on the intelligence of the Arab people. But, not just the Arabs, everyone else, too. It just seems that it's more important to have Palestinians being harmed than to actually do something worthy. Showing Palestinians being attacked by Israeli troops on television than showing Palestinians in the Knesset argueing for the rights of all.

Abdurahman Warsame said...

The Palestinians, in addition to losing their land and people, have faced difficulty in other countries too. I don't know what the Iraqi constitution have to say about the Palestinians but US admin had a lot of say in it.

It sounds comical to say that Palestinians can get their rights through the Israeli Knesset :)

Why should they? You can't take the land of a whole people by force, get people from Russia, US, EU and Ethiopia to replace them - then create a parliament for the Palestinians to "argue their rights".

The Palestinians need to get their land back, at least enough to satisfy them and it's the responsibility of anyone who cares about justice and human rights to assist them in that.

The only problem is that Israel deosn't want to give up the land back, so I think there is little prospect for peace there.