Nov 18, 2006

Conflict, Racism and AIDS in the Muslim world

Not many Muslims now about Xinjiang and Uighur people in China, and their suffering under communist China. This is a region that I deeply care about, and one of the reasons I decided to learn Chinese in Uni (a work in progress). I haven't had the chance to go there yet, Luckily though, there's a way to keep informed of what's happening there; blogger Michael Manning blogs from Xinjiang (one of the best blogs around) and reports on everything (check the Uighur music out). Recently he had a disturbing post on AIDS in Xinjian; it has officially the highest AIDS infection in China at 0.3% of the population (Reprinted from NYT).

In Indian-Kashmir, BBC reports fewer grooms for Kashmiri women as a result of the occupation and insurgency there.

Social scientists in the state capital, Srinagar, say the age at which women are getting married has undergone a significant change.

Until about a decade ago, most Kashmiri families would see their daughters married off before they turned 25. Now, this has stretched to as late as 35 years.
Africans in Turkia, who have been brought to Turkia centuries ago as slaves, are gathering in a city in Western Turkia. The gathering is organized by Moustafa Olbak, an African-Turk who previously published two books on racism against African Turks. Turkish nationalists have criticised the summit.

Africans from the continent have also been started immigrating to Turkey in search for a better life. They come from Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Egypt and Algeria.

You can find the report here(in Arabic).

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