Nov 5, 2006

Children's rights - or lack of it - in the Muslim world

Unfortunately, the Muslim world today is one of the most oppressive and backward anywhere in the world. We've most dictators, least respect for human rights and guess what? most resources and the fastest growing population. The paradoxes are many, but what made me rant about the desperate state of the Muslim world today - which I'll come back for some other time - is a BBC program discussing abuse of children's rights around the world and the first episode is about Pakistan. It's heart-wrenching but a must listen to, we need to understand how sick we have become. Children in Pakistan are jailed with grown up criminals, detained without trail for weeks and months, tortured and abused by corrupt guards and no rehabilitation whatsoever. I suspect other Muslim countries like Egypt, Jordan and Indonesia will be the same if not worse - shame on us.

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ahmad said...

There are separate prisons for juvenile delinquent in Indonesia.
I want to ask you? are Somalian just naturally bilingual (means also speak arabic), are all somalian speaks arabic? if not what are the percentage of arabic speakers?
In Indonesia arabic skills are limited only to person engage in Islamic studies?
Come to Indonesia You'll se how different we are from other Muslim Countries

Abdurahman Warsame said...

Most Somalis learn some Arabic in school and so on but they're not bilingual (i hoped they were) - so most of them understand proper Arabic (not dailects), speaking is a different matter.

Thanks Ahmad for your kind invitation, certainly Indonesia is different (and Jave and Acheh are different too), I've many close Indo friends here and elsewhere.