Oct 4, 2006

Hamas and Fatah Clashes, How Pathetic!

Interesting speeches at the UN the other week from Chavez and Ahmadinejad to Musharraf among others. But Livni's speech, the Israeli Foreign Minister was particularly interesting. She told the Arabs and Palestinians to forget about the "right of return" for Palestinian refugees and that any future border settlement will not be based on 1967, and to tell their constituency the truth. I wasn't surprised, this is what Israelis believe and she articulated it well. But what expected from Mr. Abbas is at least say some form of reply to Levni's statements, instead Abbas declared that future Palenstinian Authority will recognize Israel. What on earth was that, not even a hint of anger of Livni's remarks; instead Israel's got a recognition!

Now the Palestinians are killing each other (and Israelis are watching it from distance), for what? well Fath wants to get back its position of "leading" the Palestinians and Hamas is accused of being heavy handed in order to keep their gains; basically people are killing each other for the fat cat (literally) of Hamas and Fatah while people haven't been paid wages
for months. How Pathetic!

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makanga said...

Nuff Respect my dude.

It's absolutely retarded.