Sep 21, 2006

Talks between the US and UIC in Somalia

In a TV interview with Aljazeera, the head of executive council Sharif Ahmed said the UIC has been indirectly talking to the US through a third party, he didn't mention who the third party is. He said the aim of the talks was to ensure that there is no foreign intervention in Somalia particularly from the US. It's not clear who're they talking to from the US and I don't think the stated aim of the talks from the point view of the UIC is the same for US. I'm not sure if the US is having similar communication with the Transitional Government as well, I would be surprised if they aren’t. But it seems so far, the US is unwilling to work with the Somalis (all of them) to create a central government. The US support for all the previous attempts to setup a central government in Somalia was useless at best. The EU has been a little more active in this regard and supported fully the last process in which the current Transitional Government was created.

Sharif Ahmed renewed the UIC's accusation of Ethiopia for the failed assassination attempt of the President of the Transitional Government Abdulla Yusuf.

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