Sep 17, 2006

Muslim Public Opinion Grows in Strength

The Muslim response to the Pope’s - anti-Islamic - remarks was swift unlike the Danish cartoons. There were demonstrations around the Muslims world and Muslim leaders quickly seized the opportunity to take a popular position. Muslim media have also responded strongly to the remarks.

The Muslim reaction (public, media and leadership) highlights a deeper change in public action in the Muslim world. The public are increasing believing in their ability to bring about change and force their governments to act – i.e. Danish cartoons. This public action is already being used for domestic issues such as the Egyptian election. Muslim media - particularly in the Mid East - is giving the public a chance to be heard by their governments and the rest of the world which is increasingly forcing governments to do something. The media pressure and the serious internal problems in many Muslim countries - corruption, unemployment and lack of freedom – is forcing Muslim leaders to act quickly. In the recent Israel-Lebanon war Arab leaders were slow to respond – and blamed Hezbollah - but then they quickly changed their positions and condemned and rallied for ceasefire – only because of the growing domestic anger of their inaction.

Muslim leaders quickly responded to the Pope’s remarks in fear of missing out. This isn't such a big issue and it was somewhat diffused by the Pope’s “apology” – if we can call it that. But there might be bigger issues in the future – similar to the recent Lebanon war – where Arab leaders can do very little and the media continues to empower the public to speak out.

Update: Abuaardvark has a post on the fast response in Arab world and has a long post on the danish cartoons.

Note: the cartoon is from Emad Hajjaj, a famous Jordanian cartoonist.

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Anonymous said...

Oh it is not hypocrisy, it is the moolah!

Get ready for disclaimers!

Dirk said...

I don't mean to be "brusque" (to quote his holiness in the speech!) - but isn't this actually a sign of immaturity in Middle Eastern society, rather than maturity?

Any, and I mean any, perceived slight to Islam seems to spark off such an extreme reaction that you really wonder whether this is about religion at all.

Rather, Benedict's speech seems to be yet another lightning rod for all of the Arab world's grievances against the West, and frustration at their general lack of power.

Anonymous said...

Dear Abdurahman, Many thanks for your comment on www dot tsunamiofblood dot com. I am providing a link to this site, and would request the same in return.

Dirk: Actually, I think it is the Pope who is being the immature one here. The leaders of all Islamic countries, 57 in all, signed the Makkah Declaration last December, recommitting themselves to peace, tolerance, and moderation. It is the Pope that is following the lead of Bush. I would say he is behaving like the immature high school debater, who doesn't know his point has been overcome by events in the modern World. It was the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which has consistently proven what maturity is in the modern World, ignoring those who want to foist hatred on their people. Where is the Pope on this point? Whisper who dares!

Best regards, Skip Conover,