Nov 10, 2012

Uganda: we really mean it, sort of

Ugandan soldiers in Mogadishu
US officials are saying Uganda will not withdraw its troops Somalia and I think so too because there is too much at stake for them. But yesterday Ugandan Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Okello Oryem said this
"We will withdraw. There's no question about it. Let us be very clear about it," he told Reuters in Pretoria after a meeting with his South African counterpart. "I keep telling people: Do not take Uganda for granted."
 The minister said this too: 
"After all this achievement, the U.N. should be applauding us for doing their job for them instead of stabbing us in the back," he said. "We feel betrayed."
The Ugandan government is using its presence in Somalia as shield from criticism of their involvement in DRC or the authoritarian rule of Yuwere Mesevini. What is wrong with responding directly, and with evidence, to the report if they're sure of their innocence instead of posturing and threatening to stabilized the country are supposedly helping. 

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