Jan 7, 2009

Israeli army targets UN-run schools, killing 130

Israeli army bombed two UN-run schools yesterday, killing more than 130 civilians. UNURWA, the UN agency working in Palestinian refugees, converted the schools into temporary shelters for people fleeing the Israeli attacks. To insure the safety of the schools UNURWA gave the coordinates of the schools to the Israeli army so it wouldn't be bombed - leaving no room for the Israelis to claim it was an 'error', but they were bombed.
Israel claims that rockets were fired from one of the schools, but even if that was the case, though doubtful, it doesn't justify the bombing of schools that the UN labelled a civilian area. I'm I surprised? No. Israel targetted civilians in Lebanon in 2006
, and for the past 60 years.

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HST said...

That's very disturbing, but do you know what's motre disturbing?

This: http://www.qatarfencing.org/2009/2009-news8.htm

For the thick-minded, check the third paragraph! That's the ultimate hypocrisy!

There's no excuse for this! The news was published on the 30th of December 2008. i.e. 3 days after the attacks on Gaza!!

I realize sports has nothing to do with politics, but can you sense the irony of the Israeli fencer won the competition? I can't help but laugh (and cry).